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Toroidal Field Coil Conductor

The US is responsible for 8% of ITER's  toroidal field (TF) coil conductor. The ITER Organization is responsible for the conductor design which is released for fabrication. Japan, the European Union, the Russian Federation, Korea, and China are also contributing TF conductor.

The 18 toroidal field coils produce a magnetic field around the ITER tokamak torus to confine the plasma particles. The ITER TF coils are designed to have a total magnetic energy of 41 gigajoules and a maximum magnetic field of 11.8 tesla. The US is responsible for enough conductor to wind slightly over one TF coil

US ITER completed all deliveries of toroidal field coil conductor in 2017.



Close up view of toroidal field conductor

US Completes Toroidal Field Conductor Deliveries for ITER

US ITER achieved a major milestone in February 2017 by completing the delivery of all US-supplied toroidal field conductor to the European toroidal field coil winding line at ASG in La Spezia, Italy.

Source: ITER Newsline

drain tank testing at Joseph Oat Corporation

US delivers multiple “firsts” for ITER site

US ITER is ramping up hardware deliveries to Europe. In January, the United-States delivered its first batch of production conductor for the super-conducting toroidal field magnet system; the US also completed delivery of the first highly exceptional load, a massive high voltage transformer for the steady state electrical system, to the ITER site. In March, the first components of the tokamak cooling water system, two large drain tanks, were shipped from Camden, N.J. for delivery to the ITER site.

Toroidal field sample conductor loaded for shipment to EU

US ITER ships 30,000 pounds of magnet system hardware to Europe

US ITER worked closely with vendor High Performance Magnetics in Tallahassee, Fla., to complete fabrication and ship 800 meters (approximately a half mile) of sample toroidal field magnet conductor to the port of Charleston, S.C. and then on to La Spezia, Italy, where the European conductor winding facility is located.

Toroidal field conductor cabling at New England Wire Technologies

US toroidal field conductor fabrication advances

US ITER and its vendors are moving into a new fabrication phase for the toroidal field magnet system in the international ITER fusion reactor. Cabling and conductor fabrication are now underway in New Hampshire and Florida for the niobium-tin wire produced in the US. All of this fabrication effort is in preparation for delivering the final product in 2015 to the European Union.

Toroidal field strand at Luvata

US Production of Miles of Superconducting Wire is Under Way for ITER’s Super-Sized Toroidal Field Magnets

The ITER experimental fusion facility, now under construction in southern France, will use 100,000 kilometers of low-temperature, helium-cooled superconducting wire to generate the immense toroidal magnetic fields needed to confine 150 million degree Celsius plasma inside a tokamak machine.