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Instrumentation & Controls

The US is responsible for providing instrumentation and controls (I&C) for the following seven US systems: Tokamak cooling water system, electron cyclotron transmission lines, ion cyclotron transmission lines, diagnostics, pellet injection, and vacuum auxiliary systems. The US does not provide I&C for magnet systems, the steady state electrical network, or for disruption mitigation.

For more information, contact Kurt Vetter, US ITER Project Office Instrumentation & Controls Team Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory at | 865-241-9702






Instrumentation and controls system scope for US ITER

Instrumentation and Controls Design Progresses for First Plasma

The I&C team has completed a number of design achievements in preparation of First Plasma deliveries, including: Ion Cyclotron Heating (RF Bldg.) I&C First Plasma Final Design Review (December 2017), Tokamak Cooling Water System I&C First Plasma Final Design Review (November 2017), Vacuum Auxiliary System (03) Conceptual Design Review (July 2017) and Roughing Pumps System I&C Conceptual Design Review (April 2017).