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Vacuum System - VAS-01 ITER Flange Fasteners

Category:  Manufacturing

Statement of Work: Not yet available

Additional Information:  The US ITER Vacuum System contains over 6 kilometers of specialized vacuum piping. At specified locations, the pipes interface with various equipment via a custom designed ITER vacuum flange. These flanges require threaded fasteners to ensure the proper vacuum and structural interface. These flanges shall be procured via a best value competitive bidding process. The selective vender will be responsible for supplying the defined fasteners listed in Section 2 below directly to the ITER Organization at Cadarache, France. This procurement will include the supply, material and geometric certification, and shipment of the 1515 fasteners of the below configuration to the ITER – IO:

1)     Qty: 80 of M12x108 ISO 4762 Torx Bolt

2)     Qty: 40 of M14x105 ISO 14579 Torx Bolt

3)     Qty: 1050 of M16x112 ISO 4762 Torx Bolt

4)     Qty: 135 of M16x128 ISO 4762 Torx Bolt

5)     Qty: 210 of M16x135 ISO 4762 Torx Bolt


RFP Projected Date:

Projected Award Date:

$ Estimate: >$100K

Point of Contact:
Kelli Kizer

Last Updated: March 13, 2019 - 10:37 am