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Vacuum System - Cryostat Piping Spool and Fitting

This procurement is for cryostat piping spool and fitting manufacturing, plus packaging for shipment for a total of 23 pipe spools. 

US ITER must procure the pipework in pre-designed spools for delivery and installation at the facility. While the spools range in length, they come in either DN150 or DN250 pipe size. Each spool is terminated with an ITER-style flange on one end and weld prep on the other. In total there are 23 pipe spools which shall be fabricated and packaged for shipment as part of this procurement. The procurement includes the fabrication of the ITER style flanges needed for spooling. All steps processes used in the fabrication of the pipe spools shall follow the QC-1 requirements as defined in  referenced technical specification and statement of work.

WBS: 1.3.1

RFP Projected Date:

Projected Award Date:

$ Estimate: <$1M

Point of Contact:
Kelli Kizer

Last Updated: July 15, 2020 - 7:16 am