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Tokamak Cooling Water Systems – Drain & Refill System: Safety Drain Tank Refilling/Transfer Pumps

The Draining and Refilling System (DRS) provides a means for draining the Primary Heat Transfer Systems (PHTSs), Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS) piping and in-vessel components such that maintenance and inspection can be performed and systems can be refilled after maintenance or inspection operations are completed. The DRS piping system is designed to provide primary confinement of TCWS fluids including Activated Corrosion Products and tritium entrained in the cooling water and maintains leak tight integrity during all operating modes. Within the DRS, the Safety Drain Tank (SDT) Refilling / Transfer Pumps 1 & 2 serve the function of filling the Integrated Blanket/ELM/Divertor (IBED) PHTS or can be utilized to transfer inventory to the  Waste Collection Tank (WCT). In case of accidents leading to water ingress in the Vacuum Vessel (VV), the DRS also has the safety function to drain water contaminated with radioactive dust from the Vacuum Vessel to the SDTs. The Safety Drain Tank (SDT) Refilling / Transfer Pumps 1 & 2 serve the safety function to transfer the contaminated water from the SDT to a dedicated drain tank in the Hot Cell Building for treatment. These pumps must be able to pump water with solid particles in it.

WBS: 1.2.1

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$ Estimate: <$1M

Point of Contact:
Bethany Kalous

Last Updated: February 17, 2020 - 8:50 am