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Tokamak Cooling Water System - Vacuum Vessel (VV) Canned-Motor Pumps

Type:  Industrial Equipment

The VV PHTS provides cooling and baking services by supplying demineralized water to the main channels of the vacuum vessel, field joints, port extensions and port stub extension field joints at the lower ports, and the neutral beam port extensions. The VV PHTS Filter Booster Pump is part of the VV PHTS volume control loop which provides flow rate and pressure required for the operation of VV PHTS mechanical filters; the VV PHTS Decay Heat Pump is class III-powered emergency pump to ensure decay heat removal if CCWS or other PHTSs are unavailable, or there is loss of off-site power; the VV PHTS Volume Control Pump 1 is class IV powered pump designed to provide charging flow during low-pressure and low-temperature plasma operation; the VV PHTS Volume Control Pump 2 is class Ill-powered pump designed to provide charging flow during baking operation. All these pumps are of canned-motor type and hereinafter are referred to as VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps.

WBS: 1.2.1

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$ Estimate: >$1M

Point of Contact:
Barbara Shaw

Last Updated: March 13, 2019 - 10:44 am