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Tokamak Cooling Water System Primary Pump

The Vacuum Vessel Primary Heat Transfer System (VV PHTS) provides cooling and baking services by supplying demineralized water to the main cooling channels of the vacuum vessel, field joints, port extensions and port stub extension field joints at the lower ports, and the neutral beam port extensions. The VV PHTS is designed to provide the primary confinement for Activated Corrosion Products and tritium entrained in the cooling water outside the Vacuum Vessel and maintains leak tight integrity during all operating modes. The VV PHTS Primary Pump provides cooling water to the vessel connections during different modes of operation, including plasma, baking, standby, and idle modes.

This scope includes the material, design, fabrication, inspection, examination, testing, certification, and preparation for delivery of the VV PHTS Primary Pump (26PHVV-PL-1001). The VV PHTS Primary Pump shall be a sealed horizontal centrifugal pump (e.g., BB1 or BB2 radially split type). The VV PHTS Primary Pump equipment boundary (hereinafter referred to as the VV PHTS Primary Pump) includes a complete and tested pump/motor assembly with major components including: pump pressure casing, electric motor, local control enclosure, instrumentation, shaft, seals, bearing housings and cooling, lubrication and all associated parts.


RFP Projected Date: March 2019

Projected Award Date: May 2019

$ Estimate: <$500k

Point of Contact:
Barbara Shaw

Last Updated: February 4, 2019 - 10:07 am