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Structural Steel to Support Waveguides

US ITER is looking to procure the structural steel potions of 16 waveguide supports for two diagnostic systems. The supports consist of European steel sections as follows: S355JR plate material: Baseplate (15 mm Thick), adapter plates (15 mm Thick), lugs (20 mm Thick) S355 HEB-100 I beams x 240 mm long S355 UPN100 Channels x 2100 mm long Procurement scope would only include the steel section and fasteners to attach the I-Beam and Channel Assemblies. 

WBS: 1.5.2

RFP Projected Date:

Projected Award Date:

$ Estimate: <$250K

Point of Contact:
Derek Miller

Last Updated: July 29, 2021 - 12:43 pm