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Cryogenic Molecular Sieve Bed (CMSB) Prototype

The Cryogenic Molecular Sieve Bed (CMSB) is a stainless-steel specialty component consisting of a vacuum jacketed ASME code compliant vessel which contains low chloride zeolite (5A). Normally operated at liquid nitrogen temperatures (77C), the zeolite adsorbs the impurities from the process gas stream. Heating capability is provided to deliver the driving force to desorb the adsorbed impurities from the zeolite; thereby, allowing re-use of the CMSB.

This prototype is based on preliminary design and will be used for gas testing at Savannah River National Laboratory.


RFP Projected Date:

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$ Estimate: <$500k

Point of Contact:
Bethany Kalous

Last Updated: April 26, 2021 - 2:19 pm