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ITER Organization Calls for Nominations/Tender and Calls for Expertise

For questions about calls for nominations, calls for expertise, and calls for tender, please contact Bethany Kalous at and Mitzi Bailey at

If you are a US company and wish to express an interest in participating in a bid process for one of the above International ITER Organization requirements, please review the Export Control Awareness document. If you agree to follow the guidance provided in this document, you may submit your company contact information, and any required documents to Bethany Kalous at and Mitzi Bailey at

Your contact information shall contain company name, address, contact person, telephone, fax numbers, e-mail address, and web address. Ensure you identify requirements you are interested in, and submit by date shown below.

Upcoming Tenders (Notice Only)

Services for Commissioning support  
More information

Procurement of IO PIC Local Air Coolers for B11- L5 SIC rooms
More information

Supply of Disruption Mitigation System Radiation and Stray Magnetic Field Resilient Turbo Molecular Pumps
More information

Support of Requirements Preparation and Follow-up
More information

Manufacturing Engineering Support for Diagnostic Ports
More information

 Update of the ITER Preliminary Safety File (RPrS)
More information

Market Surveys

Absolute Valve and Fast Shutter
More information

Calls for Nominations/Tender

Design and Build Contract for the adaptation and extension of Building 56
Expressions of Interest due – March 28, 2022
More Information

Instrument and Control (I&C) Cubicle Maintenance Services
Expressions of Interest due – March 28, 2022
More Information

Construction General Services Framework Contract
Expressions of Interest due – Feb. 21, 2022
More Information

Calls for Expertise

Project Integration of 55 BT Neutron Facility and Neutron diagnostics​​​​​​​
Expressions of Interest due – April 14, 2022
More Information

Expert support to Heat and Imaging Instrumentation
Expressions of Interest due – April 8, 2022
More Information

Expert engineer for review and development diagnostic mechanical designs
Expressions of Interest due – Feb. 28, 2022
More Information

Senior Mechanical Engineer to support in-vessel assembly tenders and preparation for contract mobilization
Expressions of Interest due – Feb. 24, 2022
More Information




Last Updated: March 16, 2022 - 2:59 pm