A 61,000-gallon drain tank manufactured by Joseph Oat Corporation in Camden, N.J. is part of the first shipment from the United States for the ITER tokamak cooling water system.

US delivers multiple “firsts” for ITER site


Conductor for toroidal field magnets, drain tanks and electrical components are being delivered to Europe for installation at the ITER site ―Lynne Degitz  As the international ITER magnetic fusion facility rises out of the ground in southern France, US ITER is ramping up hardware deliveries to Europe. In January, the United-States delivered its first batch […]

A test stand for the low-field-side reflectometer at UCLA mimics an ITER-like waveguide route; the copper material is part of a 30 degree miter bend. ORNL designed and fabricated the waveguide. Photo: UCLA

US ITER Diagnostics are poised to advance designs, place contracts


The United States has made important progress this fall to advance contributions to ITER international fusion experiment diagnostic instruments and port plugs. As of October 29, 2014, procurement arrangements governing all 11 US ITER diagnostic systems have been signed with the ITER Organization; these arrangements define and assign the design, procurement and delivery responsibilities for […]

A three-barrel pellet injector developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the ITER disruption mitigation system.

Mitigating plasma disruptions in ITER: Using large cryogenic pellets, US ITER advances new fusion technology


The international ITER fusion project is building “a sun on earth” that will produce a self-heated, burning plasma—a key step toward industrial-scale fusion energy production. Controlling that plasma can be tricky, though, because disruptions may occur that cool and collapse the plasma. Sudden losses of plasma energy and current have the potential to erode plasma-facing […]

The 800-meter sample toroidal field conductor was transferred to a container ship at the port of Charleston, S.C., on May 28, 2014 for its voyage to La Spezia, Italy.

US ITER ships 30,000 pounds of magnet system hardware to Europe


An 800-meter length of sample toroidal field conductor is en route to La Spezia, Italy ―Lynne Degitz  ITER is a unique international scientific partnership that aims to demonstrate industrial-scale fusion power in the world’s largest experimental tokamak. An unusual aspect of the project is the often long and intricate journey some hardware components take from […]

General Atomics in San Diego, Calif., is overseeing the fabrication of the central solenoid, including the development of specialized tooling stations. This de-spooling tool—being developed by Tauring in Torino, Italy—will become part of the part of the conductor winding station at GA. Photo: General Atomics

Building the heartbeat of ITER


To initiate and maintain plasma current, the international ITER fusion reactor requires a giant solenoid—which will be the largest pulsed electromagnet ever built. The 1,000 metric ton solenoid located in the center of the ITER tokamak will have 5.5 gigajoules of stored energy and be about 18 meters, or 60 feet, tall.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory-developed pellet injector is installed on the DIII-D tokamak for fueling and plasma edge control experiments.

US ITER high-performance pellet injection system advances to next stage


Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a continuous extruder for fusion fuel and are advancing state-of-the-art fueling and plasma control for the ITER international fusion reactor now under construction in France. US ITER is managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. Reliable, high-speed continuous fueling is essential for ITER […]

Drain tank heads, shown in fabrication at ODOM Industries in Milford Ohio, will be assembled at Joseph Oat Corporation in Camden, New Jersey.

US fabrication of early delivery components for ITER advances


―Katie Elyce Jones  Drain tank fabrication for ITER’s tokamak cooling water system is progressing steadily under the leadership of US ITER, which is managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. The drain tanks will be among first major hardware items shipped to the ITER site, now under construction in France. […]

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