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ITER Project ~78% Complete for First Plasma; First Magnet Coil is in Place

Installation of the first magnet, poloidal field coil #6.

The ITER Project is now over 70% complete for First Plasma. The first magnet, poloidal field coil #6, was placed at the base of the tokamak complex in April 2021.  Photo: ITER Organization

April 30, 2021

The first ITER magnet, poloidal field (PF) coil number 6, is now in place in the tokamak complex.

The lifting, handling and installation of the magnet coil on April 21, 2021 was an eight-hour operation that required a complex rigging system capable of rotating the coil and positioning it to within 4 millimeters of tolerance. Composed of a 92-tonne dual crane heavy load beam (also used to lift the first vacuum vessel sector), a 42-tonne lifting frame, and a set of lifting adapters, the rigging brought the total load to approximately 480 tonnes—the third heaviest lift after the cryostat base and vacuum vessel sector #6, transported in May 2020 and April 2021 respectively.

Finalized in September 2019, the coil was seven years in the making. In the words of Alessandro Bonito-Oliva, the Magnets Programme Manager at the European Domestic Agency Fusion for Energy, it was a "collective achievement of Europe and China, working together with the ITER Organization to manufacture a first-of-a-kind component that presented a number of technical and organizational challenges."

Poloidal field coil 6 in pit
As poloidal field magnet coil #6 slowly descends into the assembly pit, the eight-hour operation comes to an end. The coil will remain on temporary supports during the installation of all nine vacuum vessel sector sub-assemblies. Photo: ITER Organization





Source: ITER Organization

Last Updated: June 14, 2021 - 1:32 pm