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Global team yields efficiencies for tokamak cooling water procurement

tokamak cooling water piping fabrication

Nearly 40 km of piping will be required by the ITER tokamak's cooling water system. Fabrication is underway in the US and Europe, and deliveries have been arriving since 2017. Photo: Schulz/PCC

July 8, 2019

A joint TCWS Project Team—composed of staff from the ITER Organization and the US ITER Project Office—is making strong progress in the procurement of the tokamak cooling water system (TCWS). The hardware required for First Plasma is in production following design finalization in November 2017, and the design of second-phase components is advancing well. The TCWS Project Team was established in late 2018 after US ITER and the ITER Organization agreed on several "arrangements" for improving the efficiency of system design and fabrication. 

"The overarching strategy is to get the job done on schedule, according to committed costs, while assuring quality in terms of function, safety, performance and installation consistency," says Sergio Orlandi, head of the Plant Engineering Department at ITER.

TCWS piping is in fabrication at Schulz XP USA/PCC Energy Group in Robinsonville, Mississippi, and at W. SCHULZ GmbH in Krefeld, Germany. The US facility is unique in its capability for producing large-bore piping extrusions, important given that some of the system piping is 600 mm in diameter. Other components, such as bellows to connect system piping to the cryostat, are in fabrication elsewhere in Europe.

Source: ITER Newsline

Last Updated: July 24, 2019 - 10:56 am