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Disruption Mitigation Task Force is Up to the Challenge

Drawing of injectors for disruption mitigation

Drawing shows a preliminary of eight injectors in one-third of an equatorial port plug. The installation includes (from right to left) the propellant gas valve, the pellet cryostat, a pellet integrity monitor, the primary vacuum gate valve, and a bellows at the closure plate of the port plug for mechanical decoupling from the vacuum vessel. At the end of the flight tube inside the port plug, a bend will ensure breaking the pellet into fragments for better assimilation inside the plasma.

November 26, 2018

The disruption mitigation system has to protect the plasma-facing components against the heat and forces that arise during the disruption, and at the same time it must tame the runaway electrons that—if generated—could lead to melting of the first wall and leaks in the water cooling circuits.To face the challenge and to ensure that the ITER system will fulfil its purpose the ITER Disruption Mitigation Task Force has been established. An extensive program has been defined that focuses on refining system design specifications and on performing engineering work for industrialization of the technology. Besides intensive work on improving the design of the selected technology for ITER, work that explores new techniques or new disruption mitigation strategies is highly encouraged. If better alternatives are available, later upgrades of the system will be possible should the present strategy fall short of ITER's needs. 

Source: ITER Newsline

Last Updated: January 16, 2019 - 2:06 pm