News: Toroidal Field Conductor

A 61,000-gallon drain tank manufactured by Joseph Oat Corporation in Camden, N.J. is part of the first shipment from the United States for the ITER tokamak cooling water system.

US delivers multiple “firsts” for ITER site


Conductor for toroidal field magnets, drain tanks and electrical components are being delivered to Europe for installation at the ITER site ―Lynne Degitz  As the international ITER magnetic fusion facility rises out of the ground in southern France, US ITER is ramping up hardware deliveries to Europe. In January, the United-States delivered its first batch […]

The 800-meter sample toroidal field conductor was transferred to a container ship at the port of Charleston, S.C., on May 28, 2014 for its voyage to La Spezia, Italy.

US ITER ships 30,000 pounds of magnet system hardware to Europe


An 800-meter length of sample toroidal field conductor is en route to La Spezia, Italy ―Lynne Degitz  ITER is a unique international scientific partnership that aims to demonstrate industrial-scale fusion power in the world’s largest experimental tokamak. An unusual aspect of the project is the often long and intricate journey some hardware components take from […]

US ITER toroidal field coil conductor production requires miles of niobium-tin superconducting wire.

US Production of Miles of Superconducting Wire is Under Way for ITER’s Super-Sized Toroidal Field Magnets


The ITER experimental fusion facility, now under construction in southern France, will use 100,000 kilometers of low-temperature, helium-cooled superconducting wire to generate the immense toroidal magnetic fields needed to confine 150 million degree Celsius plasma inside a tokamak machine.