News: Tokamak Cooling Water System

A 61,000 gallon drain tank, part of the US-provided tokamak cooling water system, is lifted into the tokamak complex for installation in the basement.

First US Components Installed in Tokamak Complex


Three drain tanks were the first  US-supplied components installed in the ITER tokamak complex this past weekend. Two more US-provided drain tanks will be installed later in the construction sequence. The drain tanks are part of the tokamak cooling water system, which will serve as the primary cooling system for the ITER machine. During operation, the […]

A 61,000-gallon drain tank manufactured by Joseph Oat Corporation in Camden, N.J. is part of the first shipment from the United States for the ITER tokamak cooling water system.

US delivers multiple “firsts” for ITER site


Conductor for toroidal field magnets, drain tanks and electrical components are being delivered to Europe for installation at the ITER site ―Lynne Degitz  As the international ITER magnetic fusion facility rises out of the ground in southern France, US ITER is ramping up hardware deliveries to Europe. In January, the United-States delivered its first batch […]

Drain tank heads, shown in fabrication at ODOM Industries in Milford Ohio, will be assembled at Joseph Oat Corporation in Camden, New Jersey.

US fabrication of early delivery components for ITER advances


―Katie Elyce Jones  Drain tank fabrication for ITER’s tokamak cooling water system is progressing steadily under the leadership of US ITER, which is managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. The drain tanks will be among first major hardware items shipped to the ITER site, now under construction in France. […]

A neutronics model of ITER is behind (left to right) Ed Marriott, Tim Bohm, Paul Wilson, Mohamed Sawan and Ahmad Ibrahim, US ITER researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

“Neutronics” at Wisconsin, ORNL advances ITER shielding and international collaboration


Computer codes calculate nuclear heating, neutron radiation damage and activation of fusion reactor materials. ―Lynne Degitz US ITER researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing advanced processes to assess ITER’s unique tokamak components and materials in the presence of the tremendous amount of neutron flux and energy released by […]