Central Solenoid

The US is responsible for 100% of the central solenoid (CS) magnet, including design, R&D, fabrication of 7 CS modules using supplied conductor (from Japan), associated structure, assembly tooling, bus extensions, and cooling connections.


The US is responsible for 14% of port-based diagnostic systems, including integration of 4 diagnostic port plugs, plus 7 instrumentation systems out of a total of approximately 40 individual diagnostic systems. The European Union, Japan, the Russian Federation, China, Korea, and India are also contributing to ITER diagnostics.

Electron Cyclotron Heating Transmission Lines

The US is responsible for 88% of the electron cyclotron transmission lines, including research and development (with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Massachusetts Institute of Technology), design, fabrication, and interfaces. The IO is responsible for installing the electron cyclotron transmission lines (12%).

Steady State Electrical Network

The US contributes 75% of the equipment required for the Steady State Electrical Network (SSEN), excluding cables and emergency power. The European Union contributes the remaining equipment and is also responsible for the design and installation of the system. The US completed its contributions to the SSEN in 2017.

Tokamak Cooling Water System

The US is responsible for 100% of the design, engineering, and procurement of the Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS).

Tokamak Exhaust Processing System

The US is responsible for 100% of the final design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and shipment of the Tokamak Exhaust Processing (TEP) system. This effort is under way at Savannah River National Laboratory, in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Toroidal Field Conductor

The US is responsible for 8% of ITER’s toroidal field (TF) coil conductor. The ITER Organization is responsible for the conductor design which is released for fabrication. Japan, the European Union, the Russian Federation, Korea, and China are also contributing TF conductor.

Vacuum Auxiliary and Roughing Pumps Systems

The US will contribute 100% towards the roughing pumps and vacuum auxiliary system. The ITER tokamak, cryostat, and auxiliary vacuum chambers must be evacuated prior to and during operations. The roughing pump system exhausts the torus and neutral beam injector cryopumps, service vacuum, and cryostat. This system will utilize a matrix of pump trains with […]