Central Solenoid module being delivered

Central solenoid module deliveries continue

As of July 2023, three of the needed six central solenoid modules have been delivered to the ITER site.

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The US is a partner nation in ITER, an unprecedented international collaboration of scientists and engineers working to design, construct, and assemble a burning plasma experiment that can demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion. ITER’s other partners are the People’s Republic of China, the European UnionIndiaJapanthe Republic of Korea, and the Russian Federation.

Mission: Produce a self-sustaining burning plasma

US ITER is a DOE Office of Science project managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Partner labs are Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Savannah River National Laboratory. Involvement in ITER provides significant benefits for the US for a limited investment (~9% of construction costs): The US has access to all ITER technology and scientific data, the right to propose/conduct experiments, and the opportunity for US universities, laboratories and industries to design and construct parts. The US contributes procurement of hardware, assignment of personnel, and cash contributions for the US share of common expenses such as personnel infrastructure, assembly, and installation.

Latest News

  • New Animation Brings Central Solenoid to Life

    New Animation Brings Central Solenoid to Life

    What role will the central solenoid magnet in the ITER tokamak perform? US ITER produced an animation that shows the magnet’s critical role for starting and sustaining the ITER plasma.

  • US ITER wraps up a year of technical achievements and record contracts

    US ITER wraps up a year of technical achievements and record contracts

    The arrival at the ITER site of the first of seven 110-ton magnet modules for ITER’s central solenoid attracted attention around the world. But that milestone was just one among a slew of recent US ITER accomplishments.

  • Perfecting the Pellet

    Perfecting the Pellet

    A team of experts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is taking aim at one of the biggest challenges facing the international ITER fusion facility: turning cold gas into wine-cork-sized, solid pellets to help keep ITER’s plasma in check.